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Equimins Devils Claw Liquid for Horses
Our Price:£18.95
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Equimins Liquid Devils Claw Supplement, for Horses.
  • Helps maintain suppleness and ease of movement - ideal for horses with stiff joints, particularly older or arthritic horses.
  • Concentrated liquid tincture formula - absorbed into the blood immediately, meaning all of the anti-inflammatory properties are utilised straight away, bringing relief from arthritic pain.
  • A highly popular supplement.
  • Studies since have shown no side effects, even at high doses.
  • A useful alternative to prescription drugs.
  • A very cost effective way to feed Devils Claw - also suitable for feeding to dogs.

Available in 1 Litre only.

In stock and available for immediate dispatch!

Feeding Guidelines for Equimins Liquid Devils Claw Supplement for Horses

Easy to feed - simply squeeze the bottle to the required mark at the top, and add to feed.

Horses - 40 mls per day
Foals and yearlings - 20mls per day.

*Amounts fed can often be gradually reduced after 2-3 weeks at this dose. Should not be fed to mares in foal.


Small to medium sized dogs - 5-7mls per day
Medium to large sized dogs - 7-10 mls per day.